Red Deer

The locally known Carpathian deer is in fact a species of red deer (Cervus elaphus), and there are thought to be a population of approximately 35,000 across the Carpathian range. Stags often achieve weights up to 230-250kg.

Copyright © Gál László

The above video footage of several sightings of Carpathian deer was filmed by TWP tracker Gal Laszlo - Our first sighting can be seen during the first minute of the film. Laci found a beautiful forest clearing where we waited under a shaded tree for approximately one hour. We were then rewarded with the presence of a large Carpathian deer hind. She had no idea we were hidden there and walked so close to us that the click of a camera shutter was her first clue. She then froze for a second before running off.

September 24th, 2011

TWP tracker Laszlo came across the following stag during his weekend trip to the forest.This week is the crescendo of the deer rut.

Copyright © Gál László