Help protect the last great foothold for large carnivores in Europe!

The TWP operates on minimal costs and what donations we do receive we spend wisely on equipment, fuel and food for our field work.

For example, camera traps essential for our day to day research cost approximately £200 per unit. These small devices offer both high quality images and HD video with low light capability. Note: Camera traps act as our eyes and ears within the forest when we are not around!

We also want to give you a say in how your money is spent, so please drop us a line and inform us of your specific interests and requirements. Areas you may wish to consider for specific funding are as follows:-

1. Education - materials such as education packs and posters.

2. Equipment - camera traps, hides, GPS.

3. Field work - to cover costs for fuel and food.

4. Forest school campaign.

You can either make a donation directly to the Transylvanian Wildlife Project account (details below), or via PayPal (the link is displayed in the top right corner of each page).

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