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Yesterday, my friend and I

Yesterday, my friend and I went to a movie theater and ended up getting there 30 minutes early. Since we had a little time before the movie and one of our favorite places to shop was around the corner, we both said, "Let's go to Tractor Supply!" (We love the inventory they carry from outdoor patio furniture to animal and farm toys. My granddaughters are horse lovers, so I always find the most special horse and ranch products there - especially around Christmas). Anyway, the minute I walked in, an employee greeted me with a big hello and smile. When she saw me looking at the horse items, she started chatting to me about horses. It was very nice and also informative. I grabbed a stuffed toy mule and then saw a darling "jack in the box" horse toy that played "Home on the Range" (which always reminds me of my uncle who loved to sing that song). As I went up to the register to pay, I was trying out the jack in the box horse to make sure it worked correctly. I told the man at the register I was buying it for my granddaughter and just making sure it worked. He laughed and said, "Yay sure (with a wink), I can see you're going to enjoy your new little jack in the box toy!" We both laughed and he wished me a good day - still laughing as left. My friend and I talked and agreed that The Tractor Supply store is always such a pleasurable place to go. Then we headed to our movie and made it just on time!

Posted by Anonymous on 2 September 2018 - 12:20pm