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If anyone in this World needs

If anyone in this World needs this winnings it's Rufus K Bynum, III cause this would allow me to help others and start several BUSINESS that would leave a legacy for my 6 Sons and 13 gradchildren so they will become Business Owners and allow The power of God to break everyone of the generational financial curses that hold us hostage to a level living within the boundaries of Less Than Enough to a reality of More than enough, which would allow us to bless other families to Jump into an Abundant Lifestyle. I Thank God For My Blessing through PCH and I will write a Book that will exspound on Being Blessed by God to be a blessing unto others. That's what he'd smile to see one of his servants to give back in a major way, that will change loves in a mighty way. I truly Believe that it's already done and I'm grateful for this winning In The Mighty Name Of Yahshua. It Is So.
Minister Rufus K Bynum, III

Posted by Anonymous on 8 April 2017 - 1:50pm