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On my recent visit to

On my recent visit to Walgreens pharmacy (03382), Kai waited on me. As usual, she was very helpful and expressed concern about my needs. She is always so pleasant, and has a smile on her face, Kai treats people the way she would want to be treated and always shows respect.. I always love it when Kai is able to wait on me. Also, on a previous visit, I was truly impressed with Safia Hussain. She was the only one working in the pharmacy and was working the front desk, the drive-thru and filling scripts all by herself.. She ran that place like a well-oiled machine and with a smile on her face. Very competent employee. My name is Pamme Tutt ([email protected]), and I would like for both of these fine employees to be commended for a job well-done.

Posted by Anonymous on October 11, 2018 07:37pm