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October 2 ,2018 Shopping

October 2 ,2018 Shopping today was an experience. Problem with my credit card. After extreme time.. Somehow, wrong swipe or digital?? Dakota (my cashier). was so very PROFESSIONAL, so very KIND. She was amazing making me feel comfortable. A compliment for Winn Dixie for sure. I usual shop at Sturbrid same company. ge living in Bellwood. Dakota is certainly worth the drive. I'm a successful Realtor for 40 + years.. Multi Million Sales. Cheers to Dakota, What Blessing... I will certainly share this in Sales meetiing. . Also, your store looks great . Almost perfection. One more thing. Your Produce manager immediate came to my assistance assisting me with the plastic bag opening. I did inquire the location of spinach. Immediately was assisted to location.

You deserve compliments to DAKOTA and Producer Manager. Confident all employment doing great job. Give them my appreciation.

Sincerely, ,June

Posted by Anonymous on 2 October 2018 - 3:43pm