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Recently, I approached Home

Recently, I approached Home Depot to coordinate the Kitchen remodel at my home on 19 Rustic Bend, San Antonio, TX 78230. I need to communicate to somebody at HD how frustrated I am that the project is still not finished. We started on July 26 and it is August 28......

I have mixed feelings about how Home Depot has handled this project.

The counter top installers were great, the backsplash installers professional but I'm still waiting for the cabinet installer to finish up. He came as agreed and wanted to finish the same day. It turned out that the materials were not complete. He perforated one of the drawers with the nail gun, trim is still missing, I can see the glint of the nails on some of the trim and the hardware has not been installed.

My conclusion is that there needs to be SOMEBODY to follow up on the status of the project. I'm not the contractor nor should I have to be on top of what is pending. I have complied with my part as responsible customer.

Thank you,
Vilma Amell

Posted by Anonymous on 28 August 2018 - 5:14pm