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I worked with Eric Losik in

I worked with Eric Losik in Savannah, GA 11/17 and again on 11/24. All I had to do was explain my confusion about the rebates associated with my purchase and Eric did ALL the work. Eric listened and then responded as a critical thinker, which gave meaning to my confusion. Not only was I NEVER made to feel uninformed or a bother, but the opposite. Eric made comments that made me feel valued as a consumer, over and over again. He could have stopped any number of times sighting the fact that he had scanned all of the appropriate “codes” for my purchase. On the contrary, he was dedicated to investigating and understanding the issue and then making certain that I understood as well. He was not satisfied until we both were. Wow! I work in sales and would absolutely LOVE to have this kind of individual on my team. Clients can sense superficial salespeople a mile away. Authentic individuals such as Eric must be celebrated and rewarded.....or people like me will snatch him away!

Posted by Anonymous on November 24, 2018 04:22pm