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I have always enjoyed going

I have always enjoyed going to the local HOME DEPOT in Lynchburg, Va.. I specifically buy lots of flowers to make pots for me and a Country Club I own. The visit today was quite frustrating!. i needed 2 Kinberly Quessn ferns - they only had 1 fern left. I was very disappointed in the selection of flowers.
The quality of some of the flowers was so sad - wilted and dry from lack of water. Over the years, I have spent $1,000's of dollars at your store for plants alone. i did buy about $100 worth of plants today, even though I was skeptical.....I had to go to other flower shops to get all the flowers that I needed. Next year, I will continue my trips to Home Depot with the hope that the store will be back and running with a good variety, good quality and a good price on flowers!!! I hope today's experience was a mere fluke! Only time will tell!

Posted by Anonymous on April 26, 2019 01:27am