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Store # 358 in Bakersfield,

Store # 358 in Bakersfield, [email protected] MT Vernon Avenue . On 8/20/18 @ 1337 cashier IRENE worked in a professional manner making me feel understood and valued as a honest customer . After she rung my items up and I entered my phone number to retrieve my shopping rewards , she gave me my total and I gave her my due amount . Cashier IRENE paused and looked at the top bill which was a 10 dollar bill . She then politely looked at me and stated " this does not look right ; I need to run this bill thru our machine . " I then responded with " yes please do because I felt the same way . " She went and ran the bill thru the machine and in a calm and low voice said " no , this is not scanning . " She walked back behind the cashier and i said " thank you for confirming what i was thinking but could not prove my thought ." She then offered me another option for the 10 dollar remaking balance and I paid via debit . Her demenior was diligent , polite , calm , comforting , and professional. All this happened and next thing I know we were both smiling at each other and wishing each other a great day and I looked at the next customer in line and he had NO CLUE of what had just took place . You have a TRUE professional trouble shooter who can handle mishaps while making her customers feel comfortable .

Posted by Anonymous on August 20, 2018 09:54pm