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CVS on Ditmars in Astoria NY

CVS on Ditmars in Astoria NY is the most dishonest store I have ever come across.
I doubt that this sweepstakes's is even valid.
I returned an item which I paid cash for and they gave me a cash card. When I used the
card it was for three dollars less than what I paid.
When the manager "Paul" assisted me he reviewed al the evidence then he gave me a slip
for the money when I went to use it they said it was just a slip showing that he gave me three dollars.
However, he never did he did not give me a cash card nor cash. Fortunately he was there today and I asked him about the refund slip and he said that he gave me a card. Which he never did. This is not the first time CVS has lied but it's the last time. I have made a point to just my things at Duane's and Amazon. At least until another pharmacy comes to the neighborhood. BTW Who got the three dollars?

Posted by Anonymous on August 1, 2018 08:14am