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Not sure her name.... I’ve

Not sure her name.... I’ve frequented this particular cvs for approximately 7years! I’m a fellow couponer n shop at the Oslo n 9th street store quite often!!!
There is a middle aged women working today at approximately 2:30 this afternoon whom I asked a question outside norm of the stores offerings! This worker answered me with what I thought was an appropriate answer until she thought once I exited the building I was not to return in which I did n without her knowledge! I began to shop kneeling down to get better look at product that I had intentions to purchase! As I was viewing one of ur physician Formula makeup product this worker begins to tell the manager Stephanie what was asked n said
N then says the her “ how the hell am I supposed to know!!!”
I felt so outta place that I almost didn’t purchase my $30 worthy of makeup! I felt like throwing it down n walking out in tears! I then had to face her while she then rang up my transactions, n not happily I’ll say!!
I love that store but when she’s working I WILL LEAVE from now on! How very rude! Ya know if cashiers wanna talk Amungst themselves about paying customers, they should 1st make sure ALL customers have exited the building!

Posted by Anonymous on 8 October 2018 - 3:37pm