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I go to Rite Aid often and

I go to Rite Aid often and was upset by a recent visit. I was at the Pharmacy getting some medicine. There was an older woman in front of me that was handicapped. Her handicap was with her legs and she had a hard time moving. She was walking away from the register, I waited and then approached the counter. The clerk realized that he forgot to give her the receipt. He took it and folded it over so nothing was visible that was bought and called the woman back. He reached out to hand her the receipt but it was way too far for her to reach. I said, let me help and wanted to intercede and hand her the receipt so she did not have to struggle coming back. The clerk snapped it into the air in the opposite direction, said nothing and the woman had to work her way back to the counter. When it was my turn, the clerk said nothing, not even a greeting. I thought that was poor judgement on his part to make her come back. If you do not want anyone else to touch a receipt, then he should have went around the side and brought it to her. There was no line, other than myself.

Posted by Anonymous on 10 May 2018 - 8:44am