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I went to Little ceasars on

I went to Little ceasars on Panama ln. In Bakersfield today 10-20-2018 ordered a meat lovers pizza and crazzy bread and sauce, and wanted to change my order for 2 pizza's instead, I was told I would get a refund and get charged again spoke with manager JOSE ORNELAS he told me he would Refund the first order and charged me for the second order well at the end I was charged for both orders, did Not receive refund, only on the receipt it said Refund but dis Not get an actual Refund, I love their pizza, but if this is the way they do Business I rather take my Business else where, I hope CORPORATE CONTACTS THEIR EMPLOYEES AND TEACH THEM THAT THIS IS NOT ACCEPTABLE, I AM GOING TO MY BANK TO DISPUTE THIS CHARGE, THIS IN NOT RIGHT, I WILL CALL CORPORATE TO REPORT THIS, NOT HAPPY WITH MANAGER JOSE ORNELAS, HE SAID MY REFUND SHOULD TAKE 2 DAYS, WE WILL SEE

Posted by Anonymous on 21 October 2018 - 1:27am