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I am currently at your

I am currently at your Bellefountain OH location. your employees are standing out side smoking. When I walked up one person walk with me to the door. I ordered a supreme and a pep. The little girl rolled her eyes and said it will take 30 min. She said are ovens are slow. I informed her that I would wait. To which she rolled her eyes again. She cashed me out and never once did she wash her hands has she digs them in to the ingredients. Another employee comes in from out side for the young lady that waited on me to tell her. This is bull shit I tried to talk him out of this I'm tired dont want to. My biggest issue of all of this is the fact that she never washed her hands. I have work many years as a store manager in the fast food industry. The poor attitude the not washing of hands and poor customer service cause us to not want to come back. I hope that this is not how this location operates on a regular basis but we will be paying attention, and will report to health department if this continues to happen.


Brian DeLong

Posted by Anonymous on December 7, 2018 09:57pm