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East Brunswick, NJ Shop Rite

East Brunswick, NJ Shop Rite has become very consumer UNFRIENDLY since the recent remodel of parts of the store. Evidently, they want more customers to use the many self-checkouts they put in instead of having express checkouts with actual workers. One regular express checkout was open and the worker couldn't figure out how to ring up my apples on sale for $.99/lb. since the code was charging $1.99/lb. If I hadn't noticed, I would have overpaid. Even the Store Front-End Manager (a woman whose name I don't know) couldn't help her and then forgot about us and finally said to "just give her the apples for $.99/lb." DUH, THEY WERE $.99/LB SO YOU WEREN'T GIVING ME ANYTHING BUT THE CORRECT COST I DESERVED AS A CUSTOMER. Everyone in that store is stressed out and it's a shame because it used to be a good shopping experience but now I dread having to shop there. I've begun to look at the local Stop & Shop & Acme as they seem to still have decent customer service even though some prices are higher. Shape up, Shop Rite! You're losing customers and it will effect you sooner than you think.

Posted by Anonymous on November 1, 2018 08:19am