Missouri Star Quilt Co Golden Star Games

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They hardly ever give any of

They hardly ever give any of the real and more valuable prizes away (they printed ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND TICKETS THIS YEAR - you do the math) plus I did manage to win something last year and it was the FUGGLIEST fabric I've ever seen. They CLAIMED it was a $75 valued prize but it was only 15 fat quarters - anyone who sews knows a FQ usually goes for no more than $3 each so it was actually worth less than $45, TOPS, but it was so dang UGLY no one in their right MIND would use it so I gave it to charity. Bet THEY didn't even use it. This outfit is crooked and the lady that runs it is NOT a nice person. PLUS, they illegally changed the rules mid-game. I sent in #50 requests for a free game piece which included a SASE, so it cost me $50 in postage ALONE - they didn't send back my game pieces for OVER THREE WEEKS - so long it would've been impossible to redeem them all prior to December 31st but THEN all the sudden they said you can't redeem more than 45 the entire GAME. That is ILLEGAL. Can't change the rules after the fact. BOYCOTT THESE CHEATERS.

Posted by Anonymous on 26 December 2017 - 8:02pm