Tell Hardee's in Customer Experience Survey


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Food was perfect but left

Food was perfect but left upset after I purchased our breakfast on my business card, only to find out my husband was snapped at for not bringing the number card to get our tray. In Leesburg location they bring to you. Then as leaving I purchased a homeless man a breakfast platter and coffee. When the same woman waited on us she began ordering him out, yelling at him. She said he misbehaves but he was embarrassed and apologetic while she continued her rant which was totally inappropriate. I was still a paying customer, own my business and would never have an employee yell at me or a customer of mine. She came into the dining room and had her food and went back and forth eating and working. If this is what I have to put up with I will go up the street to McDonald's or Burger King. I am at the North Slappey location #1506080, Albany Georgia phone # 229-889-9750.

Posted by Anonymous on August 11, 2016 06:46am
Good Afternoon, I am with

Good Afternoon,

I am with CKE Restaurants Holdings, Inc. (Carl's Jr. and Hardees) and recently started working with our consumer insights department. I was hoping to speak with you about your work with the tell hardees website. Thank you in advance for your time and I look forward to speaking with you.

Posted by Anonymous on November 3, 2015 12:33am